"Thanks a lot Béatrice for your dynamism, your ability to listen...Your presentation was great and I would really like to go further !"

Dear Both, 

I'd like to thank you very much again for helping me to take this day happened, energetically and colourful way with the D.i.S.C.


«  I've tried to follow your advices .. I still get scared during presentation but I do not want anymore to go away... It is already an improvement »

Dear Both, 

the time management training course is good and inspired me a lot. I thought I had some skills but there is still room for improvement. Start from tomorrow, I will try to clean up my desk for providing a good environment to start a new working day. I would not miss any new email from pop up message, which distract me a lot. I will turn off the pop up function for insuring I can focus on my tasks all the time. I knew I cannot put so many monkeys on my shoulder. It's time to delegate to suppliers. I'm looking forward to all above changing and excited to the impact to my life & work. Thanks. 


Dear both,

Since having a training with you, I learnt how to be the pilot of my life. I prioritize things in my life as you teached us the jar of life .

I'm having a more balanced work life . i know what are my priorities. i'm more relaxed, less stress a,d more confident in deciding what's more important .


Awesome class ! simple and effective . Thank you 

"Coaching in Leadership, an openness on oneself. There are as many leadership styles as there are personalities. Frederique Blanchard helped me to uncover mine. Without judgement, without theoretical rules, but by listening and getting me scratch areas that needed to be clarified. What an amazing deep and meaningful discovery when understanding how Leadership works. It is actually accessible, simple, and bring a lot of results and happiness.  A big MERCI to Frederique! Our collaboration was so frank, natural, and efficient. I highly recommend Frederique for her professionalism and kindness."

I enjoy working with Valerie and have enjoyed the journey during her coaching as well since her coaching.  The area I was working with Valerie was so vague  -- and it seemed like such a big topic I was not sure I was ever able to embrace it, now with her coaching I put myself in the right path and I have become clear about what I want to do, what I need to do and what I will continue to do in the future very passionately and positively.  I appreciate her smiling and welcoming coaching style - with the instant comfort and trust she creates, I quickly began my transformational journey.  I thank Valerie for helping and supporting me positively.


« I've tried to practice all what I've learned during the training session. I've really improved my self control and I better manage my emotions.

I'm really more persuasive. My voice is better and I look at people I'm talking to now. Thanks a lot".

I have been coached by Frédérique and I was pleased for the following reasons: She is first and foremost a good listener, which I find is a rare attribute these days. She listens, gets you into a place where you are comfortable in exploring your own thoughts and processes , yet remains attentive enough so that she knows where to identify your needs and where to dig deeper. She does this with empathy, given her well-rounded experience as a professional and a family woman. Above all, her own natural drive towards success, enabled me ( as a client) to pursue my goals and turn them into actions. 
















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